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Plush Animals Not Only in the Child’s Bedroom – Wellness is our Principle

Cuddly Spiritual Ganesha/“Elephant God“ Figure by Launched

„Hug your luck!“ is the short and concise sentence with which your attention will be drawn to GodToys. What is behind it? Quite simply the offer of purchasing a spiritual plush figure for your personal cuddling and hugging needs, something that is unique in the toy industry. Thomas and Rosmarie Gampe – both with an entrepreneurial and consultancy background – have developed the cuddly Ganesha and are now selling it via for children and adults.

How do you even get the idea of selling a Hindu deity as a plush figure on the market? The homepage of reads: „Have you ever wanted to have Ganesha close to you? A figure of wood, stone or other hard materials is difficult to hug and directly feel its closeness. We had this need, searched, and found nothing. After thinking about this for a long time, we have found a solution. In intense work and with lots of energy, we have come up with a special cuddly Ganesha.“

If you read the website well, you will see that it is about making the closeness, the protection, the positive sides and the radiance of Ganesha tangible. Each for him- or herself, each as they need it to be comfortable. Looking at children taking strength and safety from proximity to cuddly animals makes you wonder why this shouldn’t work for adults as well.

Thomas Gampe had the basic idea during meditation. To find his inner rest, he had set up images of various spiritual examples to form an ‚altar’– there were pictures of Jesus, as well as of Buddha and Hindu deities. The important thing was the spiritual statement, not the religion, to give strength. During this time, he started to have the idea of creating a Ganesha as an approachable deity.

Why Ganesha? Ganesha – a figure with a human body and an elephant head – is the son of Shiva and one of the most popular deity deities in Hinduism. Ganesha is considered benevolent, clever, fond of sweet things and loves playing pranks. He promotes luck, success and overcoming of obstacles; he represents wisdom and intelligence. All of these are positive things that can influence the individual positively.

The Gampes now went to look for something adequate to meet their ideas, needs and quality demands. They found t-shirts with prints, figures, posters or accessories. They found nothing to cuddle, to feel the closeness, to let themselves fall, though. The need of people for a spiritual personally defined instance seems great. This, too, is an insight from elaborate research.

What you cannot find you have to make yourself – that is how simple things can be sometimes. The Gampes started developing prototypes and had them produced by specialists for plush figures. The result after several iterations is a high-quality 40 cm large white plush figure to set up and cuddle for adults and children, of soft woven pelt (Lamboa plush), with orange trousers, washing-machine- and fully everyday-capable. Its name: MY GANESHA.

The cuddly Ganesha can be bought nearly anywhere in the world from ‚‘. Ganesha was the beginning; further products with a similar statement are to follow soon. Something that is very important to Rosmarie and Thomas Gampe is that 10% of the acquired revenue of their new company will be donated to charitable projects. The precise recipient will be determined anew from case to case. „There are many charitable projects in Germany that are worth supporting,“ says Rosmarie Gampe. Her husband adds: „We access new planes with our product. It is important to us to do good for people.“

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