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Investment strategy – Rehm business centre

Rehm Thermal Systems continues to invest in its headquarters in Blaubeuren: Investment in personnel and systems will go ahead thanks to continually good business performance and positive future prospects. In the last five years alone, the number of permanent employees has increased from 206 to 302. ‘With all these new positions, space is becoming scarce. This expansion is absolutely necessary for us to be able to continue delivering our machines and systems to our customers on time’, according to the Managing Director, Johannes Rehm. 

Rehm’s new administrative and development centre will be a four-storey extension and have a height of 17.45m, almost reaching the same height as the existing building. The new building will provide 1,520m2 of office space and a development centre. There has also been recent investment in Rehm BlechTec. In addition to growing the team there, the range of machinery has also been extended with acquisitions including a powder-coating system. BlechTec also belongs to the Rehm Group and is located in the same area as Rehm Thermal Systems.

‘Applicants from the surrounding area of Blaubeurer can find secure and attractive employment and training opportunities in an exciting and dynamic sector’, says Human Resources Manager, Joachim Erhard. The company is currently training 12 young people and we are socially involved in collaborative projects with local schools, kindergartens and sports clubs.

The likelihood that the indispensable circuit boards in mobile phones, cars or washing machines have been soldered, coated or dried by Rehm is very high indeed. The company is a leader in technology in the area of economical production of electronic components and benefits from the increasing demand from sectors such as consumer electronics, the automobile industry, medical engineering, or air and space travel.



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