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Developing synergies- Posalux member of EPIC – EUROPEAN PHOTONICS INDUSTRY CONSORTIUM

In Europe sustainable development of organisations working in the field of photonics is promoted by the industry association EPIC (EUROPEAN PHOTONICS INDUSTRY CONSORTIUM). The members of the association are from the entire value chain, for example LED lightning, Photovoltaic, Solar Energy, Photonics Integrated Circuits, Optical Components, Lasers, Sensors, Imaging, Displays, Projectors, Optic fibre, and other photonic related technologies.

Swiss Posalux focuses on drilling and routing systems for highest precision in the field of electronic test equipment. The complex processes used in production of said systems is subject to continuous change and further development. Circuit structures are continually refined, the devices as such are getting extremely thin at times, depending on the application. There are qualified specialists for each step in the supply chain of these devices. Posalux from Biel in Switzerland is one of them. Micro machining systems for high-precision production are the domain of this Swiss company.

Posalux always aims to increase quality, assurance, and accuracy for their customers in the electronics and automotive industry. With Posalux equipment, for example the various FEMTO laser machine solutions, a wide range of materials can be processed (e.g. ceramics, polymers, precious metals, hardened steel) by drilling, routing, and even turning operations.

In 2020 Posalux became a member of the EPIC as the micro machining equipment manufacturer set the goal to develop synergies in the field of laser micromachining. The EPIC membership with its wide network in the photonics industry offers an ideal platform to be up to date on new process developments, industry trends and possible cooperation with other EPIC members.

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