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Drilling Precision at a New Level

The DRB 610 1+1 AL drilling system is one of the current members of the large machine family manufactured by Ernst Lenz Maschinenbau GmbH. The system sets standards with its enormous flexibility. The small space requirement, the high flexibility — by loading the tool belt while the machine is running — and the minimised downtimes of the machine make you sit up and take notice. 243 Euro-size containers have a capacity to hold up to 2600 tools. The machine can process multilayer boards with blind vias. Automatic layer recognition is also integrated and a minimum layer distance of 60 µm is standard.

The DRB 610 1+1 AL has a drilling spindle with 30,000 to 300,000 rpm and a synchronous drilling/milling spindle with 6,000 to 60,000 rpm with fully automatic spindle changeover. Thanks to a graphical software interface, operation is straightforward and can be performed by any employee after a short briefing.

Automation and Industry 4.0 capability at the highest level

The system automatically examines the condition of the tools and orders them online from the connected warehouse in the system installed at Becker Müller. Should the stock of tools in the warehouse run low, the warehouse software even orders tools automatically from the manufacturer.

AL in the product name stands for „Automatic Loader“. A package of 20 boards, which can also all be different, go into the system. The software takes over the correct control of the production processes.

Precise guidance and linear motors for highest accelerations in the X, Y and Z axes — Lenz was the first machine manufacturer worldwide to use them in PCB technology back in 1993 — or vacuum adapters for holding down very thin PCBs are just two of the features offered with the new system.

Implementation project at Becker & Müller

The detailed analyses and test runs in advance proved that the DRB 610 1+1 AL is exactly the right machine for Becker & Müller Schaltungsdruck GmbH. It is ideally suited for prototype production. „I am sure that Becker & Müller will achieve optimal results with the DRB 610 1+1 AL.“ Uwe Lenz, Managing Director of Ernst Lenz Maschinenbau GmbH, is pleased about the use of his machine made by his business partners in the Black Forest.

With the DRB 610 1+1 AL and its options installed there, Becker & Müller are pioneers worldwide. The tool magazine and warehouse can communicate with each other through the software and the warehouse is electronically controlled and „supplied“ with automatic internal and external material orders. The suppliers thus receive the order by file and the data record is automatically read in there. In addition to simplification, this also reduces the susceptibility to errors in the process. The possibilities of the Industry 4.0 thought become clear.

The investment in the innovation of the production has besides reasons of the topicality, a future investment, also reasons, which are to be found in the environmental friendliness of the plant. „We always assess replacement or new investments with a view to environmental compatibility. If it’s not ‚environmentally friendly‘ enough, it’s not a good choice.“ When selecting investments, Xaver Müller is consistently calibrated according to the careful use of resources and the environment.

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